JULY 2019

Dear friend,

here’s the evidence up above the clouds!  I thought you may like to know I walked, jumped, climbed and crawled on all fours to get to the highest point in Central Africa with the team of fundraisers for the CharChar Trust’s literacy enhancement in Malawi.

We’ve returned back to wifi and can now say a thank you for your support and can report we’ve all returned safely minus the odd toenail!  We saw the inspiring literacy teaching and learning in action in two of the ten schools and I have no doubt this is already making a big difference to the 3000+ children’s lives.

If you would like to support you can still donate here: https://wonderful.org/fundraiser/mulanjetrek-4e4eaec4  we’d like to reach our fundraising target and every little helps,

Inspired and invigorated, 😊 Nicky xx

Mulanje Climb

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