A Legacy of Hope

Veronica and charlie - charchar

The Charlotte Parker Charitable Trust for the Advancement of Education in Africa

Eleven years ago Charlotte and her mother were trampled to death by a bull elephant in musk at a safari park in Zimbabwe. Her father could only look on in horror as his family were cruelly taken from him.

 In memory of his wife and beloved daughter, Kelvin Parker founded The CharChar Trust. Always a ‘doer’, Kelvin channelled his grief into creating a unique and lasting legacy, which now benefits thousands of underprivileged children in Africa.

Over the last 3 years The CharChar Trust has focused it’s activities on Malawi. We train and support our own volunteer literacy support specialist teachers (fully qualified graduate teachers) who work at CharChar supported government primary schools delivering the CharChar Literacy Programme.  We also supply a unique range of educational materials including a Children’s illustrated English/Chichewa dictionary, a library of supplementary colourful reading books (containing over 80 stories, most of which are in an African context), puzzles, posters, stationery and many other teaching and learning resources, all housed in a durable and lockable bright pink ‘CharChar Chest’. These wonderful and much needed resources are donated to primary schools across Malawi.

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