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To date CharChar resources have positively impacted the lives of over 50,000 children in Malawi. The CharChar Literacy Programme combines a unique combination of resources and teacher training.”

Teacher Training

CharChar has developed a phonics-centred literacy programme (CCLP) to support delivery of the National Reading Programme (NRP). Training is available to qualified volunteer teachers and veteran government teachers alike.  Training supports the development of the teacher’s phonics skills and includes: Phonics centred lesson activities and games, updated classroom practice techniques and tips for improving pupil engagement.

Happy teachers

Literacy programme

The CharChar Literacy programme (CCLP) is designed to enhance teaching and learning opportunities both inside of and out of the classroom.  CCLP focuses on: improving phonemic awareness, promoting learner engagement and developing modern teaching practices.



The lessons observed with the CharChar trained teachers were more interactive than the lessons of the non CharChar trained teachers and contained more phonics teaching. The CC trained teachers were making an effort to use a variety of teaching and learning methods in their lessons.  The CC trained teachers were excellent at drawing answers from children throughout the class, not just those with their hands up; this was not the case in the non CharChar trained teachers’ lessons. A lot of praise and positive reinforcement was used by the CC trained teachers and they encouraged the class to celebrate the correct answers and effort of their friends.

Asher Jacobsberg,  Involver Education Ltd, Uk. 2017

Charchar Chest


We supply a unique range of educational materials, including: a children’s illustrated English/Chichewa dictionary, a full set of levelled reading books, containing over 80 stories, many of which are in an African context, puzzles, posters, stationery and many other teaching and learning resources, all housed in a durable and lockable bright pink ‘CharChar Chest’.

Adult literacy

We now have illiterate parents signing up for adult literacy classes. In one district even the 75 year old chief has joined these classes!

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