Welcoming 16 new team members in 2020!

This year has brought its fair share of difficulties. We, like the rest of the world, have scrambled to find a safe way to operate and organise ourselves for the year to come. As schools in Malawi began to close for the foreseeable future and restrictions settled in across the world, we worked hard to accumulate a strong team of like-minded volunteers to join The CharChar Trust.

As we approach 2021, we have 16 new talented and passionate individuals who have embraced our mission to improve the literacy levels of children across Malawi. Our freshly formed communications team have been busy curating an informative and interactive social media presence to spread our message globally. We are posting the work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn social pages and are actively developing our website redesign.

Alongside this, we are continually developing our programming to improve efficiency of delivery and performance of the CharChar Literacy Programme in Malawi. Recruitment of specialist advisors have been key to making this happen, in addition to an exciting new partnership with an institutional organisation involved in teacher training and delivery. Beefing up our advisory and programming capabilities is crucial to the success of our mission to combat #learningloss in Malawi.

We can’t wait to share updates on these new collaborations with you!

2021 is looking bright.